Six Days/Seven Nights

Thanks to Sarah for feeding my Harrison Ford obsession, I am now the proud, very happy owner of "Six Days/Seven Nights." This film is a departure from the typical Harrison Ford movie (that formula where he plays the family man, somehow in trouble, saves his family and everyone else while doing some phenomenal but
ordinary stunts - 'the every day man in an extraordinary situation,' as he's called it), in that there is the element of slight comedy mixed in, making it an action/comedy/adventure/romance movie.

For starters, any movie with this handsome stud is a hit with me. This one gets bonus points for having lots of shirtless Harrison (portraying pilot Quinn) showing off his physique, being moody but somehow sweet, and having David Schwimmer in the cast.

Anne Heche (Robin) plays a magazine writer, engaged to one David Schwimmer (Frank). Frank is a sensitive, caring guy who showers his girl in gifts and trips. Any "Friends" fan can see a definite parallel to Schwimmer's "Friends" character, Ross.

And, like Ross, Frank sleeps with someone else. Ouch.
Quinn and Robin crash on an island, where they bond as they are adapting to survive. They encounter pirates, which forces them even more together. There is the inevitable kiss, but they both know she is engaged and they just can't.

So they work side by side to get off the island, of course they make it. They also realize there is a spark there that must be dealt with. I won't give away the end of the movie, but it was really sweet. Heehee, that probably says a lot :). Check it out if you get a chance! This was only my second time seeing it, but since I have the tape now, it'll probably be worn out shortly!!

by jennie

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