Slush Fund

Longshot Records is putting out a Slush Fund CD, containing 3 studio unreleased songs, and 5 live unreleased songs along with every tape and 7" slush ever put out, called "While We're Still Ahead."

Also on Longshot Records:
The O. City Bombers "We Don't Like You Either" CD
The Hometown Zeros CD

mexican cession

We’ve decided to break up and follow Phish for the rest of our lives…Thank You.

I’m kidding it was kill Phish but not DMB baby!! Ok enough of that I’ve got all kinds of news for you guys this week. We have T-shirts again and those will be available at the shows this weekend. Stickers should be here in about a week or two also so keep your eyes out for those. For all you web types, which I guess is those of you reading this, should be up and running in about a month I guess, and that’s a big guess.
The Cession family seems to have spread out just a little bit more with Fen joining the local band Mitzuko. Mitzuko, for those of you not on the in has Vic formerly of Grey In-Between, and for those of you old enough to remember he was in Union too, so there’s your local trivia for the day. So go and check them out, buy their tape, which happens to have been record by Derek.
Damn aren’t we so cute the way we work together.

Hope to see you at the shows.
Till Next Time,
Mexican Cession-Successively not been able to gain other friends since1995

“Skate till dinner watch the pros on T.V. Screw my homework cause we love hockey”- the good Canadian boys they are the Planet Smashers Uncle Gordie

suicide machines

The Suicide Machines will be touring the U.S. this Fall in support of their new album which will be in stores February 2000. For further info on the Fall U.S. tour visit:
Here's a list of all the confirmed tour dates, more tour dates will be announced in a couple days.

10-21-99 Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH
    This is an all ages show. Doors at 8:00pm
10-22-99 Club Laga, Pittsburgh, PA
    This is an all ages show. Doors at 6:00pm. Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster. Catch 22 will open the show.
10-23-99 Sparks, Louisville, KY
    This is an all ages show. Doors at 6:00pm. Tickets on sale at the door the day of the show. The Enkindels will open the show.
10-24-99 Emerson Theater, Indianapolis, IN
    This is an all ages show. Doors at 7:15pm. Tickets will be on sale at the door the day of the show. Burn It Down and The Enkindels will open the show.
10-26-99 Fireside Bowl, Chicago, IL
    This is an all ages show. Wsg/ Falling Sickness, Dysentery, Slo-Poke.
10-29-99 St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI
    This is an all ages show. Doors at 6:00pm. Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster and Off The Record. Nipon and Wrist Rocket will open the show.
Nov. 3 - Nov. 27 with Suicidal Tendencies

11-3-99 Pioneer Center, Reno, NV
11-5-99 Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA
11-6-99 Big Shots, Roseville, CA
11-7-99 Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA
11-9-99 Brickworks, Chico, CA
11-10-99 Club West, Eureka, CA
11-12-99 Roseland Theater, Portland, OR
11-13-99 DV8, Seattle, WA
11-15-99 Outback Jack's, Spokane, WA
11-16-99 Jordan Ballroom BSU Student Union Bldg., Boise, ID
11-17-99 DV8, Salt Lake City, UT
11-19-99 Aggie Theater, Ft. Collins, CO
11-20-99 Fox Theater, Boulder, CO
11-21-99 Colorado Music Hall, Colorado Springs, CO
11-26-99 Canes Bar & Grill, San Diego, CA
11-27-99 Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA

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