Earthly Possessions

I found out about this movie by accident: was flipping through the paper in boredom, and there was a write-up about some Susan Sarandon movie. Just scanned the article and saw the name 'Dorff.' Backtracking, I saw that Stephen Dorff was her co-star. Being a huge Stephen Dorff fan, I immediately set a tape to get this movie!

Stephen (as Jake) is an impulsive guy, who decides to hold up a bank to get some money to his pregnant girlfriend (who is at a sort of home for underage pregnant girls). There, he takes Charlotte (Susan Sarandon) hostage. She's an odd lady, never been out of the town of Clarion, but always thinking of leaving her husband, but never actually having the guts to do it.

He's moody and mean at first, but as they travel together (he needs her, should the police catch up to him), they grow close, both learning a little about life from the other.

I won't give away the end, but I thought it was sad (I don't think I can watch a movie anymore without thinking it's sad!). It's a drama, a bit of a love story maybe, and definitely some comedy too. It's a great movie to check out on a nice spring day when you just wanna hang out inside. It's an HBO original movie, playing all this month (April), so check listings and check it out!


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