Here's an interview with Dangerous Darrin Pfeiffer, drummer for Goldfinger. He was very cool about it, and seems like a really nice guy! Here's the interview, and some comments from Darrin.

here's the answers to your questions...i have to say that these are cool questions. i've done tons of interviews where the questions are lame but these are good.
your friends,
darrin & goldfinger

Did you go to any Sabres games last season? Do you come back to Buffalo a lot?
Yeah, I went to 3 during Christmas break....I was in heaven, even though they lost 2 of em...they still rule.

The 'Hang Ups' cd design rocks!! How did you come up with the concept?
Thanks. We wanted a phone vibe and the inside to a yellow pages seemed right.

What songs of yours are your favorites? Any of your tunes have personal meaning to you? Which would you pick to be released as singles?
Well, I really like "i need to know." I think it's a rad song with a good feeling to it. If I had MY say I would have picked it as our second single. I also like "too late" and "superman"

How did you go from being in a heavy death-ish type band (were you in the local bflo band beyond death? (thought I read that somewhere!)) to being in a popskapunk type band? Is it a lot different for you?
Beyond Death was a long time ago, like 1988 or so. I was fresh out of high school and into death metal and punk rock all the time but as time went on I grew interested in other types of music, like pop (the beatles, police), reggae (bob marley, peter tosh, steel pulse). I've always been into rock like van halen and black sabbath. Ska came along around 1990-91 when I heard of operation ivy and madness and the police were always incorporating ska into their music so when the band was formed and John had these songs, I knew what to play.....

What's in your walkman/stereo right now?
The backstreet boys......JUST KIDDING!!!!! Let's see....steel pulse.....true democracy.

What cd do you own that you're embarrassed to have?
The smiths. I own every smiths cd ever made AND I'M PROUD OF IT. The smiths kick ass. Johnny Marr is the best song writer (next to John Lennon) that ever lived and Morrissey can sing.

Do you log on to the net often? If so, which sites do you frequent?
I get on about once every 2 days. I like to answer fan letters and stuff like that. I frequent animal porn sites as often as I can....hehehehe.

Do you collect anything?
Video games, cd's, I like maps, wine, anything hockey related, herpes sores <--- just kidding.....hehehehe.

What's the one thing you'd like the world to know about you?
I'm happily married....so all the girls back off.

What are you like after a show? Do you like to hang around and party with the fans or just hit the tour bus?
I like to go to the bus and do as much cocaine I can till I get all blue and throw up all over our tour manager. Actually it's about 50-50. Sometimes we party and sometimes I like to go to the bus and just pop in a movie or play video games.

Has there ever been a night where you absolutely did not want to play?
There's been times where I've been deathly ill and didn't think I'd make it through the show or times where I severely sprained my ankle and again, didn't think I'd make it through. But those times are few and far between.

simon, darrin, john, charlie

How much does doing what you do put a strain on your social/domestic life?
Well, I'm married now and I'm sure touring the way we do will have an effect, but I'm sure she'll fly out and see me as much as work permits. Other than that, I love being on tour.

What were your dreams when you started the band? What are they now?
To be able to make money playing the drums and not have to work at taco bell to pay the rent. I guess my dream now is.......to make money playing the drums and not have to work at taco bell to pay the rent....I don't need millions but it's nice not working in the morning.

How has Mojo Records helped you guys?
They haven't......They had faith in us way back when and they still believe in what we're doing.

Have you made many videos? ('Here in your bedroom' was cool!) Do you like it? That was you guys in the RBF 'Sellout' video, wasn't it?
We've made about 4 or 5 videos in our career. We all love making videos. It's a lot of fun. That was us in the sell out video. I'm the one wearing the Sabres jersey at the end....I was a little clipped....

What (and where!) can people look for from Goldfinger over the next year?
We're gonna change our image and turn into a country/polka/pop band that plays only hanson covers at breakneck speeds.
Actually we're getting ready to record our third cd in December and the songs are sounding great. I really think this next cd will be kick ass and we'll be as big as matchbox 20....hehe........(I FUCKIN HATE MATCHBOX 2O...ALMOST AS MUCH AS I HATE THE WASHINGTON CAPITOLS).....

thanks again darrin!!

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