Now this may seem confusing to anyone reading this who isn't me, so I'm gonna clarify this right here, if you have any questions or anything, feel free to email me at phloyd@wzrd.com. So this is how it works. My name is Aron, and I'm 16. I go to Williamsville South High School where I'm currently a sophomore. When something major is on my mind, I'll occasionally write something like this on Notepad on my computer. (I title the different sections for clarification.) It's kinda like a diary, only different...I have a diary which is more for trivial stuff. But anyway, I should get to the point...so here we go:


I hate sports, which is why I don't play them (same goes for the majority of my friends), thus making me/us outcasts at school. Not that that's a bad thing. Not fitting in with most of my school gives me a feeling of individuality, even though this can make me sound like a hypocrite (not conforming could be considered conforming with the nonconformists). But I don't really care (about the hypcrite thing). I'm not a hypocrite and I know that, as do the people whose opinions I care about, and to me, that's all that really matters.


The other reason I enjoy not fitting in is because most of my school's population consists of the "Tommy Hilfiger" people. This too, when used out of context will make me sound unfair and discriminatory. However, by "Tommy Hilfiger" people, I mean the people who call me friends and I "freaks," "faggots," "scumbags," and other names because of the way we dress (or more accurately, because of the way we DON'T dress, as in we don't dress like them so we suck). I don't mean just anyone who wears Tommy Hilfiger clothes. These "Tommy Hilfiger" people are the people who go out to get drunk, stoned, and laid on the weekends, the people whose only "friends" are the ones that they either beat up or stab in the back (figuratively), and the people who I am proud not to be one of.


I want to say here, before I give the wrong impression, that I am not going to preach and tell people what to do. Just because I have extreme hostility towards some people, it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to tell them to change, or especially tell them that what they think is wrong. I don't think that anyone's opinion is neccissarily right or wrong. I respect people as long as they respect me. This even applies to the people who make fun of me, spit on me, shove me, threaten me, and look down on me. I'm not going to tell them what to do, except maybe to go f**k themselves or to leave me alone.


Now, and I'm sure you all want to hear this, some examples of what I'm talking about. I should give a little background information first, though. I have third period free, so I go to my school's cafeteria to hang out, talk, and play Lunch Money (card game) with my friends. This is how the table is set up: Each table is about 2 feet by 12 feet, and each is divided down the middle into 2 sections, 2 feet by 6 feet. I sit with my friends on one half of the table. The other half is occupied by people, and for legal reasons and the like (plus I'd rather NOT have my ass beaten), I

probably shouldn't use their real names here. I'll just call them Thing One and Thing Two. Thing One is the older brother of Thing Two. Thing One is a senior, Thing Two a freshman.


So anyway, there were four or five of us on the one half of the table, and Things One and Two were sitting on the other end. My friends and I were playing Lunch Money, as always. I turned to my friend Ryan (on my left) to say something to him, and Thing Two (on my far right) said to me "Are you talking to me?" in that stupid-jock-fight-me-now voice. I replied in a sarcastic tone, "Yeah, I was talking to you but looking at him (motioning towards Ryan). Isn't it great how that works?" Thing One looked at me and said "Yo, you better not get smart!" in a trying-to-be-threatening voice. I did the perfectly logical thing: started laughing. Thing One, in the same tone, said "Yo, you think this is funny?" Still laughing, I said "Yeah, kinda." Thing One, standing up, said "Yo, you don't know when to keep your mouth shut, do you?" Me: "Guess not." Meanwhile, Thing One was advancing towards me, walked behind me and smacked me in the back of the head. Being a complete pacifist, I didn't do anything except stare at him. When he sat down, he noticed that I was staring at him. He asked me something like "Why the f**k are you staring at me?" I think I said "I'm staring at you because you just hit me in the back of the f**king head, asshole." Then he and Thing Two proceeded to make fun of me, calling me something like a "stupid gay queer homosexual faggot." This wasn't that spectacular, but then they started making fun of my Bad Religion shirt. I think that Thing Two's insult was pretty close to "huh huh, yeah, Bad Religion. This kid worships.....um..Gandhi."
Proving that the majority of my school is idiots.


This wouldn't have wound up being something big enough for me to write about if there wasn't another factor. And in this case, that other factor is TEACHERS. Actually they're not real teachers, they're gym teachers. And lunch monitors. On a day in third period not unlike the one described above, I was sitting with Ryan and a few other people. Ryan is a drummer, and he was kinda banging on the table. A lunch monitor came over to make sure no one was getting their head knocked in. She asked Thing One what was going on. He said "Yo, that queer over there is banging on the table!" What would a lunch monitor say to that? We would hope that it would be something against Thing One. But of course, she instead glanced at our end of the table, looked at us and asked Thing One "Which queer?" Which queer.
We have been given this kind of treatment from gym teachers after school, as well. They seem to think that by sitting and talking in the hallway (leaving plenty of room for people to pass through), we distract the jocks and therefore have "no right to be there." You figure it out. Some of us are waiting for rides there, and it's not like we trip the indoor track people or anything like that. Supposedly the after-school coaches have claimed that this is what happens. That my friends and I are degenerate punks with nothing better to do than try to piss off anyone and everyone that we can. We could always turn to sports...nah.

This shall be continued, no doubt. Sorry if I sound like I'm comlaining. I just want to inform people of what is going on in my school.

"Well, y'see, we treat star athletes better because they're better people." -Mr. Garrison from South Park

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