Some People Really Suck.

I really wonder about people sometimes...
Today i was sitting in the parking lot of Model's and I had my H20 tape in the car stereo. I wasn't blasting it so loud that the windows shake or you can feel the vibrations, but it was kinda loud. So i'm just sitting there talking to my brother and in front of us there was this kid in his car, he was about 19 or 20 and he's got his Puff Daddy crap on blaring loud.
Now on the right side of my car no one was parked there so this kid pulls his car next to me and turns his radio up really loud to drown out my H20, so I made it a little louder and he does the same.. Well the crap that was coming out of his stero totally drowned out my tape which pissed me off.. what was the reason for pulling into that empty spot? How childish can people get, having to prove who's systems are better? Now if i was a violent person I would have gotten out of the car and bashed his skull into the windshield..but I didn't.

Ok so now about 20 mins later, I'm in the parking lot of Caldors doing the same thing except this time I was listening to Blink-182. Some stupid jock comes up to his car next to mine and yells at me to 'shut that shit off' heh jocks suck.


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