Punker than You

"I'm not a punk." heehee, there's a song title that sure describes me. But I love punk music, and punk ideals, and possess some of the attitudes, lifestyle, and beliefs. However, I'm your 'girl-next-door,' as far as looks go. To some people, this makes it impossible for me to be Punk.

I met up with this kid I didn't know. We were riding out to see Mexican Cession, and he was playing a tape. I asked who it was, and he said, 'Triple A ... you know who that is??' Was this a test? 'Against All Authority?' I dared. He just nodded, like, okay, I won't push you out of the moving car, you can stay for now.

He was your typical-looking 'skater punk boy.' Short dyed blond hair grown way out, cargo pants, op ivy shirt. Me, I was pseudo-trendy, with a short tan shirt-with-stripe, dog chain (heehee, my one dog actually ripped it off the neck of the other, so i safety pinned it and wear it), and dyed burgandy hair (i take my dye permanent, thank you). I have suadey sneakers, but they're far from a name brand. My jeans fit, are loose. Not two sizes or more big, but fit. I do not wear my hair twisted around in scrunchies, nor is it cut close-cropped and held with barettes. I am not a modern day teeny bopper.

So I'm later told by his friend that he said I looked 'very normal,' and he was 'surprised' that I 'liked the kind of music that [I] do.' Nice. Can't be punk without the look, eh?

There's a bunch of hardcore kids at school who irritate me in much the same way, but I won't go into that now ...

I just wonder whatever happened to punk unity, and acceptance of differences, and not judging by appearance. Were these all just theories and never practice? Sure people talk about it. 'Oh we're not like that,' but look around at a show. It's all cliques, it's just like a high school. Sad to say, even like college. Where trendies have more clout than real fans, 'cause of how you look. Hmmmmm ...

Just what's on my mind ...


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