Here's the latest happenings and news about our 'zine:

New Features:
We've been working on adding new sections to the webzine in an effort to extend our scope and content. Please feel free to contribute to get these sections going! They include: video game reviews, advice column, dream interpretations, local links, local thoughts. So check 'em out and start writing in!

Call for Writers
We need writers! Interested? Here's what we're looking for.

The deal with our name:
We've gone through a few names, both on the web and before we were here. Rats in the Hallway was agreed upon by the staffers at the time, all of which happened to be fans of the band Rancid (which is how the song title - featured on Rancid's 1993 debut self-titled album - came to be one of our choices). Plus the fact that rats are interesting, perhaps cool, misunderstood rodents. Anyone, if you're not Tim, Brett, Matt, or Lars, is 'unoriginal and not unique' (or whatever the comment was). It's not like it's even an out-there creative phrase. But whatever, it's the name we're using. -jennie