I first saw Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion two years ago when it came out at the theatres, but I just watched it again on the quality Encore station.

In 1996, my friend Farrah and I laughed and sympathized throughout the movie. Here we were, friends from high school, vague future plans of moving out to California and being roommates, all qualities that Romy and Michelle shared. Neither Romy (Mira Sorvino) nor Michelle (Lisa Kudrow) had boyfriends, and only one was employed. This too was true of us at the time.

Of course they try to pretend they're something that they're not at the reunion, which both fails and liberates them. It's a happy ending in a journey of memories and the disappointments of high school, though as Michelle pointed out, she had never really thought of things as that bad because she and Romy always had fun together. It's a good girl-buddy movie with an excellent soundtrack of '80's pop!

This June it'll be 5 years since I graduated high school; hopefully the next 5 will take me pretty much where I want to go, and my own reunion will turn out just as successful! :)

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