I wanted to let you know about a couple of local indy bands that we're working with that are doing some cool stuff. I'm sending you the URL's and there are RealAudio samples on every one of their pages, so if you get a chance, check 'em out.

Igmo (http://www.igmo.com) - Nashville artist that's kinda the power/pop thing. The songs on his main site are from his first CD. They're a little retro-sounding, but we've also got one of his newer songs on our main page (http://www.landlocked.ml.org). This is a guy who we're in the process of recording an album for.

El Nino (http://www.elnino.ml.org) - These guys are a Nashville punk type band. We did the 8 songs on their cassette in 6 hours at one of the studios I work at a lot. Pretty funny stuff, but kinda cool.

Lambchop (http://www.lambchop.ml.org) - These guys aren't an Indy band - They're on Merge, but my partner at Landlocked plays with 'em. Totally bizarre stuff, but really good to listen to.

Bloodsucker Records (http://www.bloodsucker.ml.org) - This is a local label with some really cool alt rock things. Cyod is GREAT! He also has a couple of other really cool guys - Spray is another cool band on the label.


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