Honest Don's

"Greatest S**ts" Comp

by jennie

If you read my warped review, you know I was pursuaded to buy this cd by Carter from the Mad Caddies. His stunning looks and sparkling personality weren't all about the caddies though - I've heard good things about them, but unfortunately didn't see their set :(. So this would be a redemptive step.

Getting the cd home, skipped right to the Mad Caddies tracks. They did not disappoint!
Featured on this disk are "Monkeys" and "Cup O' Tea." "Monkeys" has a lot of horns, whereas "Cup O' Tea" is the more ska/punk song.
Both are incredible, danceable, enjoyable! I'm looking under Carter's autograph right now for the record code so I can order this cd!

The cd actually opens with Diesel Boy's "Sleepy Soliloquy", which is a good punk tune. Track 13 also belongs to Diesel Boy, this time "3's & 4's". "Give me peace, let me fall fast asleep, I swear there'll be time for you tomorrow. Keep me warm while I sleep safe and sound underneath the sheets." The latter is a slower paced tune, but both are great musically and vocally. Also from the latter: "See me in my bedroom dreaming all my fears away ... This guitar I'm holding is my only friend, so I sit alone in the dark in my room again."

The Teen Idols contributed the faster "When I Hear Your Name," a harmonious punk tune. It's about, what else?, how he thinks of her when he hears her name.

Limp gets both track 4 ("Bag Lunch") & the closer, "The Critic." "Bag" is a tune about a misfit always alone. Voice is a little whiny sometimes, but not annoyingly so (his voice isn't high pitched). The music is rock-like. "The Critic" opens with awesome bass! And the voice is more punk, and the music is too, but it's still rock. Two good tunes here.

"Tearing Everyone Down" by Anti-Flag is alright. Can't understand a lot of what he says, but it's all good. I realy didn't like the guy's voice in "Something's Wrong" (Fluff), but it grows on you.

Chixdiggit have cool pop punk in "My Restaurant." I've heard these guys before, and they've always been good. This is no exception!

I've heard of Hagfish before, but hadn't heard them. "100% Woman" here reminds me of an '80's hair band holdover. The following Dance Hall Crashers tune is nothing more than a "Nuisance" to skip over.

J Church ("Undisputed King of Nothing") are next. Songs with 'hey hey hey's are usually good, as is this one. But so are the words themselves, and the music is too.

"I Don't Wanna Go To The Party" by the Riverdales is all that's left now. Sarah said it sounds like the Ramones, which I might agree, if I liked the Ramones. I think this is better. Repetitive harmonious pop punk, sure, but it's good.

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Here's the track listing, and what albums the songs are from:

1. Diesel Boy
2. Teen Idols
3. Mad Caddies
4. Limp
5. Anti Flag
6. Fluf
7. Chixdiggit
8. Hagfish
9. Dance Hall Crashers
10. J Church
11. Mad Caddies
12. Riverdales
13. Diesel Boy
14. Limp
"Sleepy Soliloquy"
"When I Hear Your Name"
"Bag Lunch"
"Tearing Everyone Down"
"Something's Wrong"
"My Restaurant"
"100% Woman"
"Undisputed King of Nothing"
"Cup O' Tea"
"I Don't Wanna Go To The Party"
"3's & 4's"
"The Critic"
"Venus Envy"
"Teen Idols"
"Duck and Cover"
yet to be titled release
yet to be titled release
"Road Race"
"Born on the First of July"
"The Old Record"
"The Drama of Alienation"
"Quality Soft Core"
"Storm the Streets"
"C**k Rock"
yet to be titled release

demo list