Choking Victim

Victim Comes Alive 7"

1998 Hellcat Records

by mike

I've been looking for this 7" for a while now, and thanks to Lob @ Vinyl Solutions fold holding the last copy they had for me.

NYC's finest squat/punk band, Choking Victim, plays angry pissed off punk rock at breakneck speed with some catchy ska beats thrown in for good measure. Sounds like a mix between Born Against and Operation Ivy. The 2 tracks on this 7" 'F**ked Reality' & 'Hate Yer State' are what you would expect from them: anti-government/god/police and whatever else you can think of.

'F**ked Reality' starts off a little slower than most of their older stuff but slowly moves into an extremely catchy chorus of: "i am a loser, i am satan, i am jesus christ, i'm me, there are no winners in this f**ked reality." Definitely one of my favorite songs.

'Hate Yer State' starts off with Scott complaining about stuff. "sometimes i feel so straight edge, i just go in a dark room and cry, then i masturbate and eveything's ok..' or something along those lines. This too starts off real slowly and launches into a speedy ska/punk frenzy. Another very cool song.

The sleeve design is kinda lame (i would think hellcat could at least pay for a nice design?). It's just like their 2 previous records, black and white photocopied paper. The front cover has a guy hanging from a noose. Opening the sleeve shows a gross picture of a dead guy in a bathtub with his stomach ripped open and blood everywhere. Looks like something outta The back cover is cooler and somewhat easier on the eyes. It has the infamous No Gods/No Managers Choking Guy on it along with another guy hanging from a noose. A little hellcat records cat is hardly noticeable, and moving towards the bottom you see: "support the zapatistas in chipas (they need ammo!) and of course all the squats worldwide." Band members names are replaced with weird symbols and apparantly the new bass player's name is white devil. Fun stuff.

Their first album "No Gods / No Managers" is due out Oct 20 on Hellcat Records.

Squatkore Uberalles!

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