1997 Mojo Records

by jennie

First off, this CD just looks awesome! It's like an old rotary phone, with a letter in each hole, spelling out goldfinger (and numbers along the inside). It's cool textured kinda too :). The CD booklet is like the yellow pages, with the song titles alphabetically as headers and the lyrics underneath. There are also cute little joke ads on there too (ads with the band include: 'Church of Simon,' 'John's Travel Vacation Land,' 'The House of Charlie' (funeral home), 'Sassy Boy Darrin - International Stylist' ... also regular ads: 'Bed Buddies ... Call bed buddies for that warm addition to any bed. 800 HOLDME,' 'Rent-A-Pal: Why worry about making friends when you can rent one. Toadies, Suck-Ups, Leeches, Abusers, (Abusees). Superstar good looks or ego-boosting ugly. 555 IMA LOSER').

Anyway, aside from a clever, cute package, the music is excellent as well. 16 popskapunk songs fill the album, a lot of themes of a relationship, with a sweet-sounding guy trying in vain to get his love, only to turn bitter at the inevitable rejection. Sigh.

There's humor in some of the songs too - don't get me wrong, it's not a sappy love album at all! "Question" is a good example of this: a song about stopping the whining already and taking responsibilty for yourself. "Disorder" is about moving on with your life after a failure.

It is "Superman" though that holds a special meaning for me. The story of a guy trying to make it in life but staying true to himself, getting older with every passing day and everyone telling him to grow up already, but he still has that youthful vitality. Sigh.

This is a great album that I'd encourage everyone to at least take a listen to. I like it better than their last album even :). Oh yeah, Scott from Reel Big Fish plays trumpet on some songs too (there are other horns/players, but his name stood out to me). Check Goldfinger out on the mojo records web site: www.mojorecords.com

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