Kid Rock

"Devil Without A Cause"

by arlie

I have always adored Kid Rock. He's a great lyricist, and can deliver them smoothly but with a hardcore edge. He's never afraid to speak his mind, so if you are easily offended this in NOT the album for you.

Kid Rock's lyrics are often sarcastic, rude, blatantly sexual, and drug related. He also manages to use every single cuss word in the English language. The album is a mixture of heavy guitar, bass that shakes the walls, and hard hitting lyrics. "Devil Without A Cause" is excellent for parties and to listen too when you are really pissed off.

My favorite track would have to be "I Am The Bullgod" (although I really dig Joe C. in track #3 and Slim Shady in #12) because it has an overall coolness, great lyrics, awesome guitar and of course it was Robby's (Kid Rock's) first single. It's the song that me hooked.

I recommend this album to anyone that digs the the whole new rock mixed with rap scene. It's a constant in my CD player.

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