Less Than Jake

"Hello Rockview"

1998 Capitol Records

by jennie

My first introduction to Less Than Jake came in 1995 with "Soundcheck" (off their "Losers, Kings, and Things We Don't Understand" album). Soon after, I got that album, and "Pezcore" too. I was hooked! When "Losing Streak" came out, I rushed out and got it, and rank them as one of the most phenomenal live acts I've ever seen.

So the other day I got an advance copy of "Hello Rockview". On my first listen (which was really passive), I was disappointed by the faint use of the horns. But upon further listening, it seems pretty balanced, though it's more of a 'rock' album, I think. Definately still danceable, and I love how Chris and Roger's voices go together.

One thing about Less Than Jake is their lyrics - they're so relate-able and real. Who hasn't been stuck in a situation where they totally thought life would be different? (I'm totally living that now! :)) That's kind of a theme with them, I think. I think Vinnie (drums) writes the lyrics. He does an awesome job of it!
I know Sarah's gonna love "History of a Boring Town." "A boring life in a boring town ... I always thought I'd be the first to leave."

So it's another great CD from Less Than Jake. If you have the others, you have to have this one too! If you don't, here's a place to start. And if they come to your town, by all means go see them! (for dates, check out our news section.)

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