"Life Won't Wait"

1998 Epitaph Records

by jennie

"Life Won't Wait" is the fourth full-length album from the Bay Area's Rancid. There are 22 tracks (just over an hour), so you're bound to find at least one tune you like.

This is the most eclectic of their albums, as it seems to have more ska style influence than punk. It's more like "I Wanna Riot" (which they did with the Stubborn All-Stars) than something like ... "Dope Sick Girl" (one of my Rancid faves!).
People say Tim mumbles. Okay, so he outright slurs sometimes! But I still like his voice, and Lars' too. There are distinct differences, but they both suit their songs.

The title track is by far the worst, but there are many more good songs that and make up for it. Some of my favorites here include: 'Bloodclot,' 'Black Lung,' 'Warsaw,' 'Hooligans,' 'Leicester Square,' 'Turntable' and 'Corazon de Oro.'
'Who Would've Thought,' 'Wrongful Suspicion,' and 'Something In The World Today' aren't bad either.

This is only the second time I've listened to the CD since I got it (about a month and a half ago). If I'm going to listen to Rancid, I usually throw in "Let's Go" (their second album), by far my favorite. The music of the intro could very well have been off that album. But this will get more spins as I get used to it.

Visit the Rancid site (www.rancid.com) for more on this great band!

by mike

I got this album 2 weeks before it was released and I thought it sucked. It seems my friend sent me a rough mix of the album, not the finished product. When I actually got the cd I was surprised how good the real thing was. I've liked Rancid for almost 5 years now, and I've liked almost everything they've put out, but 'Life Won't Wait' took a little getting used to.

It seems that everyone compares Rancid's '...And out come the wolves' to the Clash's 'London Calling,' but I don't get the comparison? If I had to compare albums, I'd say 'Life Won't Wait' is more similar to 'London Calling' because of it's diversity. On 'London Calling' the Clash did pretty much everything: punk ('London Calling'), Ska ('Rudie Can't Fail'), rockabilly ('Brand New Cadillac'), reggae ('Revolution Rock')... And that's what Rancid did on 'Life Won't Wait.'
I'd say 'Life Won't Wait' is Rancid's 'London Calling.' There are a lot of similarities between the Clash and Rancid. Both bands showed a progressive change in their musical styles over the years, but that (among other things) eventually led to the Clash's breakup. I hope the same doesn't happen to Rancid.

All in all it's not a bad album, but definitely not the best (that would be their self-titled). The trendy people who buy this album expecting another 'Timebomb' or 'Ruby Soho' are going to be very disappointed. The 2 singles released so far aren't tearing up the airwaves or even getting attention on MTV (I'm glad). 'Blood Clot' is a somewhat catchy song with the 'hey, ho' chorus right out of a ramones song, and 'Hooligans' is a very cool song (the video is coming soon for that), but i think they both lack the clout of the previous radio hits. That's just my opinion.

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