Reel Big Fish

"Why Do They Rock So Hard?"

by jennie

I love Reel Big Fish, so it wasn't hard for me to instantly love this CD. Singable, danceable, veiled goofy by meaningful lyrics, along with a great mixed rock and ska(core) sound.

I'm picking "The Set Up (You Need This)" as my favorite track, because it's something I can totally relate to ("I'll call you, I swear. So next time, be there. Can't keep up, no more, should quit but, what for?"). Plus they played the video a few times while I was at the XGames, so whenever I hear it, I think of that and hanging out in San Francisco!

I like these guys for their sense of humor and blatant honesty, too. There are a couple tunes about stardom and the fickle tastes of the masses. "We Care," "Down in Flames," "The Kids Don't Like It," "Big Star," and "I'm Cool" come to mind. And "Thank You For Not Moshing" is right on ("Got my wife beater on, steel toe doc martins on my feet, yea. I run around in a little circle, I'm wondering who to beat. And you know it's really cool, 'cause I played football in high school. Gonna push some little girls tonight, look out fag there's gonna be a fight.").

Actually, all their songs are on the mark. Ranking this as one of my favorite CDs, I'm sending high recommendations that you pick it up as a 'must have.'

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