"You Are Freaking Me Out"

by sarah

Having only had Samiam's latest release for just a few days I can proudly say I know every song, every lyric by heart. Not only has Samiam's newest not left my cd player but has also found itself being carried around by me to work. Played as the small town, video-go-lucky customers seek out their flicks, then coming up to the counter asking me who's that I'm playing on the stereo. Haven't had that much notice since I brought my Fig Dish cd in to play.

The much anticipated, for me anyway, 5th release by this underrated punk oriented band has a well balanced musical style and many hard hitting lyrics.

Quickly becomming one of my favorite bands, it'll be hard for me to say anything negative about them. Holding 'Clumsy' (released in 1994... perhaps you might remember their brief stint of airplay on eMpTV back in 94? ) very close to my heart as being one of my all time fave albums, 'You Are Freaking Me Out' is likely to surpass it.

Seeming to have matured in their semi-long career. 6 months seems like a long time in the music industry. Their almost 10 years in the business, (first self titled release was in 1990) Samiam's latest album has 12 new tracks and one cover of a Lennon/McCartney tune. First song I heard, 'She Found You,' I owe thanks to the slave to her 'zine, Jennie. I hadn't even known these boys had put out a new one til she gave me a dub of 'She Found You.' (Hee, thanks Jen!) In my opinion, the best song on the album. With lines like 'Your life has been a message in a bottle, dumped in the ocean, never reaching any shore..' and 'at the point where nothing makes you happy. These days seem darker than they ever been before..' All are easily relatable to this loner, loser chick from the midwest.

I have a hard time comparing them to anyone around today. I can't come up with a band or musician who sounds anything like them. Or one that I can stand to listen to anyway. With prices being so high to buy any album, 'You Are Freaking Me Out' or any Samiam release is definetly worth your well earned cash. They will not let you down.

The refreshing Samiam should be recognized and respected for their amazing talent and devotion to sticking with the music - not selling out. Doing what they do best and what they love. Instead, in a world filled with Mariah Careys, Bushes and Spice Girls, the materialization of what's popular and what should be listened to baffles the hell outta me. When did individuality lose? And why hasn't Samiam made it big? I think it's time for a change.

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