Before I received this cd, I was told it has a tom petty & matthew sweet feel to it. i didn't really get either of those when i listened to it. Ted Holden reminds me of a late-'80's mellow ballad rock band-type, if you know what i mean? The guitar work sounds classic-rock like at times too.
There are 10 songs altogether, making the CD just over 30 minutes. The songs all tell different stories, in a serious tone. None of those 'just for fun' type tunes. Ted has a great voice and somehow reminds me of John Couger Mellencamp, though he doesn't sound like him. Favorite songs are 'Indifferent (she can't rely)' and 'She Cries A Lot.' 'Happy Happy Americans' sounds a lot like kenny loggins' 'danger zone.' Sometimes the lyrics are hard to decipher; either the music is overpowering or ted's too close to the mic.
In addition to Ted on vocals and guitar, there's Adam Glickman on bass, Michael Beeson on drums and additional percussion, and Clay Sears on guitars & keyboards. In the 'fact sheet' I was send, David Kupperman is listed as lead guitar (no mention of Clay), so i'm guessing he's in the band now.
There are 8 million addresses listed, but i think, as a fan, you'd be best contacting ted directly (tholden@pond.com).
Check out the web site at http://www.hidwater.com/holden/
or write: Tiki God Music * P.O. Box 171 * Haverford, PA 19041

by jennie