U.S. Bombs
"War Birth"

Hellcat Records 1997

by Mike

"War Birth" is the newest release from the U.S. Bombs, who I really liked when I heard them on the "Give Em' The Boot" (Hellcat Records) CD Comp.
The bombs combine '77 style punk & traditional SoCal Punk. Catchy lyrics & songs that you can sing along to make this one of the best albums I've gotten all year. Another cool thing about this album is the packaging: instead of the traditional Cd jewel case, the bombs opted to make the cd packaging look like an old 12" vinyl record.
Fans of Rancid, Swingin' Utters, Youth Brigade, etc.. will probably really like this album. If you like melodic punk rock then check this album out.
For more U.S. Bombs info check out: http://www.nyct.net/~damaged/usbombs.html

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