a band you'd like to meet

"backstreet boys! goldfinger, reel big fish, matchbox 20 ... already met some other favorites (less than jake, everclear, frenzal rhomb), so that's been cool." -jennie

"Well, since I already met Everclear...hee hee. ;) Um, I would love to meet Paul Westerberg. Just sit down, have drinks over great conversation...or I could just listen to him talk." -sarah

"I just want to go back to the Poison Party and stay there for life, Ratt, Poison, Cinderella & LA Guns hangin out talkin to everyone like they were their best friends. Oh, take me back to memorial day - please :-). Ok, I know Johnny from the Goos, my friend and I are obsessed with him now! We need personal info if you know anything we don't know :-)" -lori

"social d" -scot

"Tori Amos' tour band" -dan


"The Brian Setzer Orchestra" -mary

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