favorite video games

"Road Rash 3-D, Quake & Quake 2, Resident Evil: Director's Cut, Street Sk8er, Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy, San Francisco Rush, and my sister has been playing Driver a lot lately (you can drive around the streets of SF!) and it looks like a lot of fun but I haven't had a chance to play it yet." -sarah

"Goldeneye for Nintendo 64, that game really rocks!!!" -mary

"command and conquer" -scot

"I dont play video games often, but... Tomb Raider would have to be my fave lately." -dan

"Vigalante 8, 1xtreme, NHL '99 (i am sooo awful!), street sk8er, skitchin', the sonic trio ..." -jennie

"Streets of Rage and Mortal Combat 3" -arlie

"Madden '99, NHL '99" -matt

"NHL Sega games" -lori

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