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Backstreet Boys November 14, 1999, buffalo, ny

Deftones, Snapcase and Quicksand November 27, 1998, rochester, ny

Less Than Jake, Snuff, All October 24, 1998, rochester, ny

Goldfinger September 5, 1998, amherst, ny

Suburbanites, What's Up, Chuck?, Stand United, Never Too Late, Suburban Delinquints, Adam's Alcoholics July 31, 1998, buffalo, ny

Warped Tour '98 July 28, 1998, buffalo, ny

Mexican Cession, Zero July 24, 1998, buffalo, ny

Everclear, Fastball June 9, 1998, detroit, mi

Mexican Cession CD Release May 1, 1998, buffalo, ny

Mexican Cession April 7, 1998, buffalo, ny

Face to Face, Snapcase, Orange 9MM, Envy April 6, 1998, buffalo, ny

Everclear, Feeder, Jimmie's Chicken Shack March 13, 1998, buffalo, ny

Slush Fund, What's Up, Chuck?, Stand United, Counterclockwise February 21, 1998, buffalo, ny

Mexican Cession, Libertine February 14, 1998, buffalo, ny

Less Than Jake, Weston, Ann Beratta, and Limp February 12, 1998, asbury park, nj

Dreadnoks, Megaweapon, I-Farm January 31, 1998, buffalo, ny

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