From the staff, here are our top picks in various categories:
  • books or authors to read:

    • "Go Ask Alice" -Anonymous, "Dirty Jokes and Beer" -Drew Carey, "The Vampire Chorinicals" -Ann Rice, "Journey Into Darkness" -John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, "The Elements of Zen" -David Scott and Tony Doubleday "The Blood Countess" -Andrei Codrescu -arlie

      "I'm a big mystery-type fan, and belonged to such a bookclub at one point. got a lot of low-rate novels, but there were some bright spots. Above all that, I'd recommend Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone alphabet series ('A' is for Alibi, 'B' is for Burgler ...), or almost any Mary Higgins Clark novel, though the last one disappointed me!" -jennie

  • movies throughout time that you always find yourself coming back to:

    • "anything harrison ford: patriot games, regarding henry, the devil's own, indiana jones, hanover street, airforce one, frantic, witness, 6 days/7 nights/ they're all worth watching a million times over. without harrison: pretty in pink, titanic, pretty woman (oh come on, richard gere is hot, julia roberts is pretty, they have good chemistry)" -jennie

      "Flatliners", "Kiss The Girls", "Clerks", "In Dreams", "Empire Records", "Blues Brothers", "Air Heads" -arlie

  • movies that make you cry/are sad

    • "Ghost" -I'm a sap alright.
      "Titanic" -Why did the cute Italian guy have to die???
      "Babysitters Club" -It was soooo bad..I couldn't help myself
      "Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll" -Fame does horrible things to great bands. And they used a title that I wanted to use on my novel.
      "Trainspotting" -Dispite the great Scottish accents and awesome film work the overall idea is kind of sad.
      "Forest Gump"- It was just sad.. -arlie

      "everything makes me cry. titanic. edward scissorhands. the devil's own. pretty in pink. what's eating gilbert grape? eathly possessions. a river runs through it. the breakfast club (yes, really!). young guns II. and stealing trainspotting from arlie - i'd forgotten that one!" -jennie