Politics Lost

Ok let me rant. Political music is dead. All music that had any meaning, with a few exceptions, has been killed off by "acts" such as Will Smith, Ricky Martin, and Brittney Spears. You will notice that I didn't mention any real boy bands because they, like a virus, always multiply and spread; they have always been around and always will be.

Anyway, why do people suddenly not give a f**k about stuff such as abortion (I am pro-choice), drug abuse, racism (fight it), and police brutality? When the King beating happened "Cop Killer" came out. Diallo on the other hand got no song about him and no one, not even RATM being the breath of fresh air that they are, mentioned him. I mean, there were riots about this. Did no one in that sugar-coated MTV land of theirs notice this?

I often hear of a time when music was a weapon, a tool, an ally, an enemy. In the 60's there were songs of protest. In the 70's punk waged its war against glam. The 80's destroyed this and then Nirvana came out. Grunge was very political, although not in the songs themselves. I mean when Eddie Vetter wrote "Pro-Choice !!!" on his arm, that was magic. Instead we are being force fed this crap about "I'm missing you like candy." I am missing political rock like candy.

Even the punk scene has alienated this. My own friend doesn't really care about the message, he cares about the songs. While punk still takes on racism it tends to avoid other stuff. Anarchy is almost nil in punk now. Wasn't punk started in order to have a voice against the "man"?

Well, back to the mainstream music. For the most part, all metal sucks. Maybe I haven't been looking close enough, but when was the last time Fred Durst did anything to try and stop racism? When did Jonathan Davis do anything about Elian Gonzalez? Well f**k that s**t. Wake me up when people start to care.

Peace, Love, Unity,

PS. Disagree with me? You know where to contact me. I wanna talk.