The Swing Craze

I have a problem. Well, it's more of an annoyance, rather. You see, so many of you people out there today (without trying to single people out) really seem to be into that swing thing. Everybody can see swing has made a comeback. It's not the swing I have a problem with, but more of the massive amounts of people that seem to have taken a liking to it. What annoys me is that so many of the neo-swingers like it for the wrong reason. Why do they like it so much? Is it because society likes it? Is that how it's going to be? Has swing music become another fad? Will it be here today, and gone in a relatively short amount of time? It's happened before. Anyone can attest to that. We are suddenly hit with this "new" type of music, and you instantly fall in love with it because everybody else loves it too.

Personally, I love swing. I love to swing dance, and I also love to play swing music. I play the saxophone, and have been playing since the fourth grade. And playing the saxophone is what has led me to the appreciation of the music. I don't love it because everyone else does. Hell, I could care less if everyone else loves it or not. They could all hate it for all I care. But me, myself, and I love it because it has become a big part of me. And not just swing, it's all of jazz too. As well as a little bit of alternative, R & B, fusion, funk, and hey, even a little bit of classical. Yes, folks, I am not afraid to admit it. Every so often I like to curl up in my room and listen to a little bit of Tchaikovsky or Strauss. Is that so bad? And why do I like it? Because I have an appreciation for it. It's not a thing where I heard it because everyone else heard it. I mean, granted, there may be cases that one likes swing because they heard it from society and they had never heard it previous to that introduction. That would seem fine, right? But if it's as if you hated it before, and now say "Hey look! Society likes it, so hey, it might actually be, like, cool, or something."

I guess all that I'm trying to say is that if you like swing, or any other type of music, make sure you actually take the time to listen to it. Take some serious time, and get to know it. And not just one band, like "Cherry Poppin' Daddies," but get a broad knowledge of it. And most of all, don't let it become a fad. Overplaying songs is the worst thing I feel a radio stations do. Overplayed songs happen so frequently, and obsessions go in and out, it's so difficult to keep the attention span of the modern day public. Take it easy with swing. It's a very powerful expression of music, and great to dance to. But just relax and comprehend what it means to some people and don't let it become a quick to die trend.

by james maxson

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