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response to: punker than you

Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 22:16:06 EDT
Subject: i liked your rant

i live in buffalo and i am a senior at south high. i too get juged on the way i dress. it is assumed that i don't like certain genres of music or people, that i am stupid and that i use drugs because of my appearence

"dude, she's a witch"
"get back she will eat you!"
"please don'tput a spell on me!"
"what kind of music do you you listen too? marilin manson?" i hate marilyn manson
"whoa, you're pretty smart"
"what do you mean you don't smoke? you look like a smoker,"

people are so judgemental that it's hard to keep an open mind. but i just kill them with kindnesss and when i have too, a mean sucker punch.

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