Where does violence come from??

That is a question that baffles many. I know the answer, it's one word: hate.

When children are young, their parents ingrain all their beliefs, prejudices and ignorance into their brain so they are programmed to think just like their parents. The way I see it (and many philologists), it's a chain. Ignorance causes fear, fear causes anger, anger causes rage, rage causes hate, hate causes violence.

It all starts with the stale beliefs that parents pound into their kids' minds. Maybe, just maybe, if they were taught at a young age not to hate they wouldn't grow up with it.Children's minds are like sponges, they absorb everything and anything they can. If we taught kids not to fear what they don't know, they wouldn't have to deal with the anger and rage, thus getting rid of the violence.

But sometimes it's too late for that. When boys grow up they are taught not to express their full range of emotion, i.e. "only sissies cry," "never admit you are not in control," "fear nothing." They have all these emotions pent up inside and nothing to do with them except get angry. Brings us back to the stupid little chain.

Parents could also do a little better job listening to their kids. Although most teenagers like to make their parent think they don't need them, they do. If someone has no one to tell their problems to, they are gonna express it one way or another.

Violence can be easily avoided simply by teaching and listening.

by arlie