Slush Fund, Frenzal Rhomb

Mercury Theatre
October 19, 1997, Buffalo, NY

by jennie

I'd been wanting to see Slush Fund for the longest time. I had an old tape of theirs, which was pretty awesome, and hadn't heard them since they added a horn section.

So, here we were. We walked in during the middle of their third last song. Great. :(. But what i heard was amazing. The crowd was real into it, rushing to the stage to sing verses of the songs. The band was energetic, jamming all over the stage. There was only one horn player (on trumpet) at this show, but he did add a lot to the music. This probably would've been one of the best shows I'd ever been to, if only I could've seen more.

Australia's Frenzal Rhomb was the last band of the night. I'd only just heard about them, from someone who had wanted to go to the show. but I'd never heard them, obviously.

They, too, were pretty awesome. They were silly (threatening to kick the guitarist out of the band if he didn't fix his equipment by a 10-second count; asking people to throw pennies on stage as tour money; asking someone in the audience to breakdance), and of course they had those cute accents. And the guitarist did resemble the guy from Silverchair (who they, incidentally, will be touring Australia with later this year).

The music was good. Harder-edged punk, if i remember right (i really gotta get a copy of their cd!). The crowd (sans one person) were a little slow to get started, but then they were grooving and dancing - even started a mosh pit near the end. Check 'em out if they play your city.