Slush Fund, Stand United, Armed & Hammered

Mercury Theatre
November 9, 1997, Buffalo, NY

by jennie

The crowd was dancing around, singing along, throwing their hands up and filling in the 'oi! oi! oi!'s of the chorus. It was a fun show.
Got to this show a little early, so I caught a little of the hardcore show before it. That is really not my genre. But the kids looked like they were having fun.

For the slush show, Armed & Hammered were up first. They were ... not a band I'd see again. Older folks, who were just more metalish. Couple of older folks (when I say that I mean like, 30+) up front were dancing though.

Slush Fund! They were awesome! I got to see the whole set this time, which turned out to be incredible (except that only derrek had a microphone, whereas last time kevin and bill would sing backup). Two horn players were in attendance (one on trumpet, one on saxophone), giving the slush sound an extra something.

kevin of slush
I think they're comparable to the suicide machines, in a way, while another fan described them as 'minor threat meets op ivy'. So if you like any of those bands, or just like 'skapunkcore' in general, give slush fund a try!

Stand United took the stage next. A bunch of nice looking kids, I really didn't know what to make of their sound. It was good, but ... not a groove or something to get into. Moshing was an option, and the crowd was. I'd see these guys again.

There was at least one more band playing, but we took off after SU. Got to talk to the Slush guys a bit during the show (check out their page for a lot of cool pictures from the show); they're really nice guys. Definitely check this band out if you're in the western New York area ... and they tour sometimes, so keep a look out for them.