Suburbanites, What's Up, Chuck?, Stand United, Never Too Late, Suburban Delinquints, Adam's Alcoholics

at the Mercury Theatre
July 31, 1998, Buffalo, NY

by jennie

The fliers all said 6pm. I've had weird experiences with the mercury theatre, like if it says 6, that may mean the bands start at 6, or that the doors open at 6. So we got there about quarter after ... and we were the first two there (me and 'ziner Sarah), aside from the two guys running it & 3 girls they knew.
But 'come in, come in, it's still happening' guy #1 urged us (swear he looked like pro aggressive inliner arlo eisenberg), so we sat around until the bands started (quarter to 8), listening to them swap stories with a few guys who straggled in, all of them apparantly having been involved with the same girl who frequents the club. Nice.

Never Too Late went on first. They were alright. I'd never seen or heard them before, and I think they're kind of new? But I'd see them again.
Stand United was second. These guys get better every time I see them! And a punk rawk cover of John Couger Mellencamp's "Authority Song"?! Heehee, that rocked!! (Super skinny singer Nate taking off his shirt to crowd appluse (boy has one awesome stomach) wasn't exactly a low point!). Actually, Nate the guitarist & the other guy (heehee, the bassist) switched off on vocals for different tunes.
Detroit's Suburban Delinquints were third. Their music was a little harder, heavier, but it was still good. The bassist sang mostly, but his voice really wasn't that good. The guitarist was much better.
Adam's Alcoholics. Yikes. They were from Arizona, I think? (someone had AZ license plates!) If they ever come back here ... a fitting bill would be them, grey inbetween, and counterclockwise. The show from hell. AA were a hardcore type band, with shrieky yelly singers (two of them, one of which looked like he could be the younger one's father). Seemingly the longest set of the night, it was definately the worst.

What's Up, Chuck?! :) The reason I was at this show. Ben had been walking around all night, looking all good. But that's not why I like the band (of course it doesn't hurt). Seriously, their catchy, ska-type songs are reason enough to see them a lot. I think they're finally starting to get some recognition for how good they are, as they just opened for the pietasters here last month.
The Suburbanites closed out the show. I have been wanting to see them for a long time. Had caught the last 30 seconds of a song once, and missed them entirely one other time. And now, here they were. And disappoint they didn't!! There were 7 guys there, I think? and they said they were missing 'half the band.' They were fun, upbeat, energetic. A band i will definately see again, and I highly recommend them!!!

The Mercury itself has changed since I was last there. The place where the audience could stand has been cut in half, now having the stage there (and some big wall type thing, waist high, separating band from crowd). The former stage area is just for bands to set equipment before setting up. Hmmm. But all in all, a cool show!

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