Meet the staff of Rats in the Hallway webzine. You can use this for a little insight to our minds and tastes, so if you're a band and you were thinking of sending something in, you can match up your musical style to a reviewer's tastes, thus getting a better, more accurate/informed review. If they're in your area, they can probably even go check you out (or maybe already have!).
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Brown City (suck town. Hee), MI

web site:
no name yet :)

stuff about me: I'm a purple-haired vegetarian who works at a video store. :)
I'm a mediocre writer, and usually never share what I write and, as you can probably tell, for good reason. I also like to sketch and take photographs. I love music and if you have any new suggestions to whom I should listen to, who you think is good, please let me know!!

fave bands: goo goo dolls, weston, ben folds five, suicide machines, david bowie, husker du, descendents, the cure, the replacements (& Paul solo!), universal honey, samiam, fig dish, less than jake, sponge, everclear, rancid, switchblade symphony, echo & the bunnymen, the smiths, bauhaus, 80's retro bands ... tons more

fave quotes: "f**kin up takes pracice and I feel I'm well rehearsed" ~goo goo dolls

"I don't want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or process or buy anything sold or processed or process anything sold, bought or processed" ~from 'Say Anything'

"I'm always at home, spending too much time thinking alone" ~plaster sandals


Freedom, NH (the dullest place on earth)

stuff about me: I'm orgianlly from Sommerville Mass. and have traveled all over the USA. I love to write and get peoples opinions on it. I cannot spell for the life of me. I am always into trying new things and I am very open minded.You can tell me anything and I will do my best to give good advice, that's what I'm here for..

fave bands: Brian Setzer Orcastra, Everclear, London After Midnight, Pulp, Ben Folds Five, Godsmack, Nirvana, Silverchair, Goo Goo Dolls, KoRn, Kid Rock, Pearl Jam, Smash Mouth, Tonic, Lit, Counting Crows, Switchblade Symphony, Dead Can Dance, Samiam,Weston, Sisters Of Mercy, Melissa Etheridge, Pietasters, Rancid, I could go on and on and on.....

fave quotes: "If you tickle me, do I not laugh..If you prick me, do I not bleed...If you wrong me do, do I not seek revenge?" ~W.Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice

"I wanna f**k the world with my twisted thoughts." ~Kid Rock

"Morning's hard, coffee's cold, pretending that the days mean more than getting old" ~Melissa Etheridge

"We've be too long American dreaming I think we've all lost the way" ~Dead Can Dance


buffalo, ny

web site:
Niles & "Frasier" clips & pics
music, movies, & more

stuff about me: i'm in my mid-20's, have a BS in CIS, work as an assistant information systems specialist for the county, hoping to get microsoft certified. i love: "frasier," punk and skacore music, david hyde pierce, skateboarding, everclear (the band), going to shows, working on web sites, "melrose place," "friends," "ally mcbeal," harrison ford movies, the buffalo sabres, reading, atari 2600, '80's pop music ...

fave bands: everclear, backstreet boys, less than jake, mexican cession, matchbox 20, descendents, suicide machines, rancid, goldfinger, lowest of the low, dropkick murphys, rem, what's up, chuck?, slush fund, reel big fish, goo goo dolls, cherry poppin' daddies, snuff, mad caddies, (old) prince, silo 6, screeching weasel, mxpx, weston, blink 182, diesel boy...

fave quotes: "I looked up one day and saw that it was up to me. You can only be a victim if you admit defeat" ~descendents

"They cannot hurt you unless you let them" ~everclear

"You think you pity me, hey I'll kick your ass if you pity me. I won't give in, I'm not like that, no I won't give in to you" ~everclear

"Gotta stick together with who you are & who you know, gotta remember where you've been, where you wanna go" ~mxpx


ville, ny

stuff about me: I was born in 1981 in IOWA of all places, I am employed by the Public Library of Williamsville. Oh, I live in Williamsville, the friendliest place in America. I'm not sure if it's the East Side or West Side of Williamsville, though, so I be reprazentin' both, yo. All you wanna be gangstaz better check yourselves. or something.

The Following Bands or Artists Create Noises which are Pleasing to my mind and soul: Tool, Everclear, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Deftones, Korn, Girls Against Boys, Failure, Face to Face, Hum, old Pink Floyd, newer Catherine Wheel, Descendents, Limp Bizkit, Less Than Jake, Bad Religion, Reel Big Fish, Fig Dish, The Police, Butthole Surfers, Tori Amos Girlpope, Triplefastaction, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Liz Phair, Mustard Plug, Smashing Pumpkins, Shades Apart, Sense Field, The Clash, Suicide Machines, God Lives Underwater, Fat, Soul Coughing

fave quotes: "So fame ain't gonna live forever, never worryin' about dying 'cause it can't be any better, but whatever happens to happen always happens for the worst, so if the worst is yet to happen, I hope it happens to you first." ~Bloodhound Gang

"Tried to shoot a thought...but the thought sunk. Nothin' to do but scratch words in the dirt and watch the water roll down." ~Soul Coughing

"If we go forward, don't look back. I'd say you don't want to do that. It's too easy to sit on your hands and lose out...." ~Ned's Atomic Dustbin

"I'm not a loser, that's right, I'm not a loser" ~Descendents

"Don't be scared to express your anger, love, or fear" ~Limp Bizkit


mansfield, oh

stuff about me: I have a Marketing degree from UNC-Wilmington. I like sports, sky diving, surf, skate and loud music. I enjoy promoting, supporting, and writing about the bands that grab my attention and deserve our respect.

fave bands: Sepultura, Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Type O Negative, Nine Inch Nails, Drown, Filter, Tool, Rancid, Gwar, Floodgate, Biohazard, Prong, Korn, Alice in Chains, Spider Monkey, Brother Cane, Collective Soul, even some of the 80's "hair bands," and many many many more ... basically, a little bit of everything.

fave quotes: "Life is like the mail. Sometimes you just don't get it" (Killer Loop ad)

"Your loving's like a fax machine/Sends an image, but it isn't real." ("Second Guesser" by Floodgate)

"Unwilling to change for society/I'll be who I wanna be" ("Underground" by Life of Agony)