what's up, chuck?

Well, some of you are probably wondering exactly what the hell is going on with What's Up, Chuck? I'll dispell some of the rumors, and make some even more malicious ones up:

So, in about 2 weeks, Darla is going to school. We've been looking for Drummers, not very hard really, but we did. We thought about changing the lineup, putting me on Drums and getting Ben's Brother Mike, of the local band The Conservatives, to take over for me on Guitar. Then Dave quit, for god knows why, but he did. So what does that mean for the band...
Here's the Options:

1. Being in a band is pretty gay, actually. It's time consuming and troublesome. We SHOULD just be smart, and quit all together. But, for some reason we can't do that. Gluttony?

2. If Dave decides not to quit, we will try the new linup of WUC, but we'll definitly make some changes twards more punk, more hardness... Ska has had it's day.

3. If Dave does quit, Ben and I will try to form a different band. There is no WUC without Dave, he was the whole band... no one plays bass like that kid, no one could replace him. We want to go for a whole different genre, something like a Foo Fighters sound. Just straightforward rock. We'll try to move from playing gay ass showplace to getting onto the club scene, like 67 West, Goodbar, and the like. So, if you play something, and you want in on this, e-mail me, we need musicians! We have no set linup, so whatever you play, speak up... This probably the path we will pick.

So, basically, there is a real good chance WUC is over as we speak. It's been a fun 3 years, I thank all of the people reading this for taking the time to sign up, and supporting us in any way you have! I guess all things come to an end, and it's time for this to take a shit right now.

We still have CD's! If you don't have one, pick one up! Think of it as a little piece of local music history, or something. Hell, think of it as whatever you want, but you couldn't help us out in any better way the picking one up. We're poor. We owe. That's life, huh?

Thanks again, it's been fun! Check out the new band (if there is one), stay tuned for more details when the come!!

Craig from WUC?
E-mail me: Kerplun1@ix.netcom.com
Website: http://www.freeyellow.com/members3/wuc


Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that Cadense has a new and super improved web site to add to the list. It's a work in progress (as they all are), done by longtime friend and ally, Adam Wolff. Slick navigation, clever Java tricks, biting sarcastic humor, it's all here and more! Enjoy..:0

Steven Yung

Less Than Jake

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