what is the coolest animal? why?

"Ravens because they are mysterious, travel in packs, rather gothic bird and a marvel to look at..(nevermore)" -arlie

"um um..i don't know really. maybe one of those spikey fishes? they blow up and they have spikes all over. they look kindacool." -jo

"Dogs. Faithful. Forgiving. Dependent on you. Unconditional love." -heather

"tough one! I can't choose just one. Hee. Cats, bats and penguins...(haha and robins. Kidding. Get it? Batman? Hee. Joking!)" -sarah

"dogs. They're awesome!" -mary

"bear. see last answer" -scot

"tiger. i don't know why, it's cool." -matt

"cat, because they have green eyes and are playful." -sara

"cats. see last answer!" -jennie

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