the coolest jobs

"being a musician or any kind of artist. to be able to express who you are and let others love what you're expressing and how you're doing it, that is the greatest thing." -jo

"Police officer, football player" -matt

"Skateboarding or hockey photographer, police forensic specialist, detective, or internet developer" -jennie

"Fireman, policeman, skateboarder, baseball player. And bikers." -sara

"Night club DJ, WWF superstar, night club owner, pimp.." -arlie

"wine taster and food critique" -scot

"owning a cool business (bookstore, coffee, music..) Library, musician, interior decorator" -mary

"casting director, owning your own rad business, working behind the desk at a police precinct, being the person who colors the pictures in comics (dunno what they're called! :)" -sarah

"A job that I could do at home, on my computer." -heather

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