best &/or worst cover tune you've heard

"Best - (at least recenty) Orgy doing Blue Monday, Korn doing Wicked, or Limp bizkit doing Jump Around.
Worst - I hate to say it, cuz it is a great band covering a great song, but Everclear's version of How soon is Now? is complete ass." -Aron

"Prince's Never Take the Place of Your Man by Lance Diamond & the Goo Goo Dolls will always be awesome, ditto Everclear doing Our Lips Are Sealed by the go-gos! Reel Big Fish does some cool covers (like a-ha's Take On Me and duran duran's Hungry Like The Wolf). And I've always loved the Pet Shop Boys' version of What Have I Done To Deserve This.
As for worst, save ferris butchering Dexy's Midnight Runners' Come On Eilene, or 'Puff Daddy' ruining anything to make a buck. Also Shawn Colvin RUINING the only Police song that I like (Every little thing she does is magic)." -Jennie

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