coolest gift you've ever received

"trip to Cancun, Mexico" -lori

"the flute I got for Christmas last year..." -mary

"a call from a friend i thought was dead at xmas" -scot

"A book of photos called "Colorado on my mind" from an American friend." -dan

"Erie County Sheriff's Department police patch! (hee) And a friend of mine sent me this really adorable stuffed animal a few weeks ago. I've been pretty lucky...I adore every gift I get. It always means something to me." -sarah

"For my college graduation, this awesome San Francisco globe (with water and sparkleys). It's incredible - sculpted hilly streets with a cable car surround the outside; inside the globe are some of SF's highlights: Palace of Fine Arts, TransAmerica building, Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street ... it is just amazing. Sarah, you rock!! :)" -jennie

"Even though I'm dying to know what my 2 favorite friends got me for my birthday I would have to say it's a toss up unbetween a shot glass from SF or the stereo I got last year for my birthday." -arlie

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