'it was really memorable meeting [person] because ...'

"The guys from Reel Big Fish, cuz we (me and a bunch of friends) got to go onstage with them and dance around and stuff. They were really cool, the only problem was that, on stage, everyone pushed in front of me and I was left in the back by myself....oh well. Also Greg Graffin from Bad Religion, partially because he was such a nice guy and is one of the most intelligent people making music today, and partially because he had a crowd of people packed around him and I really respect that kind of fan interaction." -Aron

"A few years ago I got the chance to see Warrant in concert at a club in Wilmington, North Carolina. I've always liked Warrant, and was happy to see them playing clubs. The show was awesome. The guys were having a blast and so were the fans. After the show, lead singer Jani Lane came out into the club and hung out. He had a beer and signed autographs and hung out with the fans that had stuck around. It was most memorable to me because he appreciated his fans and wasn't acting like he was better than anybody. He just gave the impression that he was like everybody else, trying to have fun and make a living. It was also cool because when I was growing up, I always thought it would be great to meet this band or that star, but figured I'd never realistically get the chance, or that they wouldn't give me the time of day if I ever did see them. Meeting Jani Lane changed that way of thinking too. So, in a sense, it was like a dream come true because I actually got to meet somebody I never thought I would meet.....and he turned out to be a great guy." -Cindy

"The first time I met Johnny 'goo' Rzeznik. It was 1993, I was at a fundraiser, had gotten Marty Jannetty's (a wrestler, a jerk) autograph, and we were waiting in line for like an hour. I'd seen Johnny's picture, knew he was a cutie, but could only vaguely come up with an image. Finally he comes out & the girls are dying. We were approaching the table, I turned to my friend Sonyah and commented 'He's not that special!' Then I was in front of him & I turned to her and sputtered, 'Oh wow he's cute!!' ... which he of course heard. Heehee. I was so embarrassed & he was a little embarrassed, but he signed a pic for me and I was on my way ... for about 10 minutes.
Toting my camera, I got back in line and got up there again. He remembered me (the red face maybe? :)), and I asked to get a pic with him. He said "Sure! Hop on up here!" where he remained seated and pulled up a chair for me (I later learned he was nursing a sprained ankle). Before Sonyah took the pic, Johnny handed me a marker and pushed an autograph sheet my way. "Sign an autograph for me!" I was baffled, and said as much. "Here, I'll start you out. 'Dear John ...'"
Sonyah snapped the pic and I was even more blank-minded. "I don't know what to write!!" I complained. "Now you know how it is," he nodded. Though I'd never asked him to write me a novel, or even a song. I scrawled off that he was a great guy ("What?! You don't even know me! I could be a real p**ck!!" "You're not," I assured him), and something about good luck. I asked him to sign my jeans before I left. Sitting there practically on his lap with him signing the leg of my jeans, I was getting glares from the mostly-female line. When I stood up to go, he held my autograph to his heart and said he'd treasure it always. I laughed and said wait 'til I turn my back to throw it out. His bodyguard helped me down & I was smiling for a long time. Still do when I think about it. :)
And meeting Art Alexakis (of Everclear) was a dream come true. And meeting Mike Frazier (pro skater) was cool because it was so by surprise (I wasn't expecting to see him at all!), and he was so incredibly nice!" -Jennie

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