"My first show ..."

"The first show I went to that I can remember was Radiohead when they came to Worcester about 3 years ago. I went there with a good friend of mine, Jessica.We had a blast. The show itself was pretty mellow but nonetheless exciting. I didn't get to see that much of the show because I was in the nose bleed section in back of a very unpleasant, large man. It was good for the ears though. That's all that really matters right???" -Arlie

"Well.. me and my Bass goon Dave went to see Green Day... It was our first show for both of us. Being that we're scrawny wussies, we didn't want to go in the crowd cause we thought we'd die. Well, we learned that not much death was to be dealt at a Green Day show, since most of the people were about 12. The riverdales played, and I didn't know who they were at the time. Some other band probably played too. Wow.. interesting story, huh?" Craig from What's up, Chuck?

"My 1st concert? The 1st concert I saw was an MTV tour. The show lasted about 5 hours and had a half dozen or more bands. Some of the bands that I remember being there were: Paula Abdul, Was (Not Was), Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, Information Society, Tone-Loc, and Milli Vanilli. A few months after that show Milli Vanilli got busted for being fakes." -Cindy

"Well, the first show that i EVER went to was John Mellencamp when I was seven (i think everyone has one of those) but the first one that i can remember well was Offspring in June '95 at Blind Mellons.....remember THAT place? when it was by the airport? hehe" -Aron

"When I was in second grade in 1984, I got to go see Billy Joel. He was my absolute favorite singer at the time, and I was so excited! My parents took me, and I got a big glossy program (that I still have somewhere!), but I don't remember too much else about it. It was at Memorial Auditorium, we were in the lower blue section, and tickets were only $15. I still have the ticket stubs too." -Jennie

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