something from yesteryear that you think should be brought back

"Those big hoop skirts. Just so I can see my female friends suffer *smirk*" -dan

"Using the word yesteryear cracked me up! For some odd reason. I have a whole list... The styles and fashions of the Victorian era. Guys in tophats! That and the fashions of the 20s, 30s, & 40s. And records! Bring back vinyl! " -sarah

"guys wearing zoot suits..." -mary

"atari 2600! reissue it, and the games. that would rock. mine's still hooked up, but i'm afraid it'll break someday. also, bring cable cars back to buffalo. they won't be as cool as the ones in SF (especially in the winter!), but those were awesome ... " -jennie

"long haired dudes, I just saw the guy I had a huge crush on ten years ago. he had to reintroduce himself to me cause I just didn't recognize him with his army lookin hair style, esp. when he used to look like Darlene from Roseanne... it's so sad. " -lori

"fresh cooked fast food verses microwave" -scot

"Niceness" -arlie

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