Dreadnoks, Megaweapon, I-Farm

some guy's house, in Buffalo, NY
january 31, 1998

by jennie

Crowded. Very crowded. Bad sound system. These two things stand out to me most about this 'show.' There were many people cramped into this kid's basement - for both the bands and the beer, I believe.
Caught just the last two songs of the dreadnoks, but they seemed cool. This is Kevin's, bassist for the almost-defunct slush fund, new band, only here he plays guitar. Cool deal.

Got to finally see megaweapon too, a band I'd heard a lot of good things about. Except for the not-great sound system, they, too, were pretty awesome.

I-Farm (gotta get the URL on them!) seemed what most people were there for. I can see why; they were pretty rockin'.

I'd love to see any of these bands again, only in a better setting :).

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