Backstreet Boys

at Marine Midland Arena
November 14, 1999

by jennie

went to the backstreet boys show on sunday ... my god. tied for 'best concert i've ever been to,' with everclear in detroit. it was that amazing! plus, supposedly 3 guys were sick - you totally couldn't tell. it was just awesome. even from my seats, some 10 rows from the very top, you could look down at the stage (it was in the center of the arena, and my seats were above it), and you could tell just from looking who was who. plus they had big video monitors on the 5 corners of the stage, and 5 rigs coming out the top, where at one point each guy got attached to a harness (on each of the rigs) and swung out over the crowd. was so cool.

of course during 'the perfect fan' (a song that brian - the cutie - wrote for his mother), they pulled 5 pairs of mothers and daughters onto the stage, sitting them down on each side. then each guy took their paired daughter (girls were like 8-12) and led them by the hand around the stage. i'd have died!!!! then they gave each of the mothers a rose. aw :) these are the sweetest boys :)

and yeah, i had to tear up during 'i'll never break your heart.' that almost always makes me cry :) also 'all i have to give.' heehee, i'm a big baby.

people can mock them, their popularity, their good looks (and they really are that good looking!) ... but they did put on one amazing show. and it wasn't like just sitting and listening to the cd. the lights, the dancing; there was a lot of energy from the guys, and from the crowd, which was largely female, but of all ages. mothers, daughters, grandmothers ... i snagged tix for myself, my 10 year old sister, my mother, and my aunt, and we ALL loved it. they are one of those rare bands that appeals to so many types of people. the only bad part was that the concert - after about 2 hours of brian, kevin, aj, howie, and nick - had to end.

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