Less Than Jake, Weston, Ann Beratta, and Limp

2/12/98 Asbury Park, NJ

by mike

This was one of the best shows I've been to in a while. Weston and Less Than Jake alone would have made it worth going to, but what made the show even better were the two other bands that opened up the show.

The first band to play was Ann Beratta from Richmond, Virginia. Ann Beratta plays fast energetic pop punk that reminded me of Good Riddance. They started off their set with a song called 'FM,' which got the crowd off moshing and slamming into each other. They continued playing catchy punk songs throughout the rest of their set. This being the first time I saw them, I was impressed and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. Ann Beratta is on Less than Jake's record label 'Fueled by Ramen' for more info on them check that site out.

The next band to play was Limp from Berkeley, California, another melodic pop punk band with catchy songs. They played for about 45 minutes, closing out their set with a cover of 'Country Road,' which got the crowd ready for Weston.

Next up was Weston. These guys are one of my favorite bands and they're just so great live. Weston played mostly songs from new album (Matinee) and a few from 'Got beat up'. They also played a few new songs, but I can only remember the name of one of them, 'Normal Life'. They also put rumors of them breaking up to rest. Weston played really great, even better then when I saw them at the warped tour over the summer. If you've never heard of Weston check them out! Really good pop punk.

Here's the set list (of what I can remember):
Record Shop
Opening Chord
New Shirt
Heather Lewis
Varsity Sweater
Bus Stop

Normal Life
My Favorite Mistake
Indie Rock Star

And then it was time for Less than Jake. They took the stage minus Derron the sax player because his mother was in the hospital so he was there with her. Chris came out with this weird brownish blonde wig on with a mustache. As soon as ltj went into their first song, 'Happy Man' the crowd exploded into a frenzy of people moshing and crowd surfing, while ltj roadie Sean shot toilet paper into the crowd with a spinning pole type thing. As the show went on Chris asked Sean to pick 2 people - 1 male, 1 female - to come up on stage and spank each other to get a Greased CD. After the 2 people spanked each other Chris suggested that they since it was Roger's 22nd birthday they should give him 22 bare ass spanks. After that they went into 'The One That I Want' off of the Greased CD. As the show went on more stuff would find it's way into the crowd: 7" records, posters, paper crowns (like the ones at burger king), key chains, toilet paper and PEZ. They even played a new song called 'Big Crash' that will be on the new album. Ltj was so awesome I can't wait until they come around here again. If you have never seen them go see a show it's a lot of fun.

Here's the set list (the songs aren't in order except the first and last ones):
Happy Man
9th at Pine
Just Like Frank
Sugar in Your Gas Tank
Big Crash
Johnny Quest Thinks Were Sellouts
Stand Up For Justice (Bruce Lee Band)
The One That I Want
Liquor Store
Jen Dosen't Like Me Anymore
My Own Flag

Out of The Crowd
Ask the Magic 8 Ball
Growing up on A Couch
How's My Driving Doug Hastings
Never Going Back To New Jersey
One Last Cigarette
Rock and Roll Pizzeria
Short On Ideas
Where the Hell is Mike Sinkovich

live list