Mexican Cession

at the University of Buffalo
April 7, 1998, Amherst, NY

by jennie

One of Buffalo's best bands, Mexican Cession, played a free show out at UB last Tuesday night. The sign said 7:30, but when we showed up at 8:20, they still weren't set up.
Around 8:40, they started playing. Set in this room - i guess it was a classroom of sorts? - about 50 people gathered to listen to the awesome ska/hip-hop?/whatever mix of this band. Seven of the members were in attendance (missing the trombonist & other sax guy), but the sound was still good.

Not only are they a good band musically, but they're entertaining too. When they first played their song 'phrank,' they did the dedication of: 'this song goes out to all the ladies here tonight. and some of the guys too. it's called "phrank."' So for the next four songs, they did the same intro. After that, if they were to announce a song, someone would start, 'this song is called ...' and another member would interrupt with 'it's called "phrank,"' where someone else would then chime in, 'and it's going out to all the ladies tonight ...' Maybe you had to be there :)

Other 'stage' antics (heehee, they were just on the floor like everyone else) included an old song, to which they ran around hitting (or sometimes preteneding to hit) each other with guitar cases & things they found in the room (chairs, once they even brought out a table). For their encore (yes, we clapped and yelled for an encore - they may be 'just a local band,' but they are certainly the same (if not better!) calliber as any 'national' or well-known act), as they were playing their version of twisted sister's 'we're not gonna take it,' every member walking off-'stage,' behind this wall that was there (the bassist and guitarist were still playing their instuments though). Finally, as drummer/singer Fen was the only one left, he finally proclaimed 'f**k it!,' knocked over a section of his drum kit, and ran off too.

Much thanks to John for taking me to see this incredible set, by a truly incredible band! Check out their web site (or our news section) for more on them, and be sure to come out to the CD release party on May 1st!!!!!

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