Mexican Cession

CD Release Parry

at the Showplace Theatre
May 1, 1998, Buffalo, NY

by jennie

Unfortunately, I missed the suburbanites. Sigh, I really wanted to see them! Zoo Crew too (members of mexican cession, suburbanites, and professionals). Sigh though, I did have to suffer through grey in-between.

Mexican Cession though. Wow, as always :). All 9 guys were there! But the sound didn't seem as good as other times I'd seen them; the vocals were kind of unintelligable.
But the crowd was loving it. It's so incredible to look out at them (from my front row spot ;)), pogoing, skanking, throwing hands up, all in accordance to whatever the band was playing. This is a fan's band - they feed off the energy of the crowd, which is from the enthusiasm of the band.

Songs performed included 'Monkey on a Bridge,' 'Justice,' 'Pimp? I Think So!,' 'Big Pants Bitch,' and their cool cover of 'We're Not Gonna Take It.'

These guys have mass appeal. They're fun, the music is beyond good. So maybe they'll be playing a show around you soon. If so, go see them. Buy the CD. Go see them again ;). Seriously, I don't think you're gonna find a band better than these boys.

their web site (or our news section) for more stuff on them!

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