Mexican Cession, Zero

at Stimulance Coffeehouse
July 24, 1998, Buffalo, NY

by jennie

When we walked in to Stimulance, Zero was on 'stage,' playing a rough cover of the mighty mighty bosstones. Zero is Leif (trombone) and Bryon (guitar) of Mexican Cession. They seemed to be having fun up there, playing parodies of 'hit' songs ('time of your life' (green day), 'closing time' (semisonic), a montage of dave matthews band tunes). Finally someone wrote down some lyrics for them, and they sung more than just mumbling the non-words & yelling the chorus. But it still looked fun, and they weren't half bad.

Of course when Mexican Cession went on, it was even better. Intro new guitarist (well, this was his first show as only guitarist). Luke (sax) was also absent, so Leif's sister (I think it was?) was filling in, on flute.
The guys were decked out in their bright Hawaiian-print shirts, as usual, but this time they also donned grass skirts. It was cute! And they gave each member of the audience a lei-style necklace thing.

I saw one of those 'max capacity' signs, and it said 77. I think the place was filled. Even in the cramped space, people were skanking and pogoing and dancing around. It was really cool when Adam (trumpet) and Tad (trumpet) (and maybe Joe (keyboards) did too?) joined the audience, forming like a chorus line, all kicking their feet up to the music. How many bands do that? :)

So it was another excellent, entertaining performance by Buffalo's best band! Check these guys out!! They have a show next month with the Planet Smashers and Mustard Plug. Here's their web page, go there for more info.

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