Mexican Cession, Libertine

at the Mercury Theatre, in Buffalo, NY
February 14, 1998

by jennie

Unfortunately, we walked in just as the Suburbanites were ending their set ... they're a band I've been wanting to see. Hopefully, will get to see them again soon.

Mexican Cession were next. These guys are awesome :). High energy, great groove ... It was really cool when the three horn players climbed off stage into the audience, walked through to the middle of the floor and were dancing around in the crowd, playing their horns, too (heehee, excellent skill by the trombone player in not hitting anyone :)).
They were supposed to be filming a video for "Monkey on a Bridge," but I didn't really see anyone filming (saw a kid walk by with a videocamera, but didn't see him taping). Then again, we were in the back, so maybe he was up front.
Excellent set, can't wait to see them again!! :)

Libertine were next. Made up of ex-members of 7 seconds, U.K. Subs, and D Generation, so how could they be bad?? :) Seriously, they were punk rock and cool, playing a couple old skool-ish songs before breaking into an old skool style ska song (sans horns).
These guys were really good, someone I'd want to see again. They just got off tour with the U.S. Bombs, so there's a chance they might come to your town soon. So go check 'em out!!

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