Spring Heeled Jack

Well greetings and salutations to all SHJ fans, large and small!
MERCHANDISE, baby, MERCHANDISE!!!! That's right.. Everyone can give me a big "It's about time!", cause the merchandise section is beginning to take shape. You can now order SHJ T-shirts and sweatshirts straight from the site! It's fairly easy, actually. You just print out the order form ( http://www.springheeledjack.com/Merch/OrderForm.asp) and then fill it out with the information listed in the catalog! Instructions for sending in your order are on the form itself! All you have to do is write a check, or include your credit card information, and soon after, you'll receive some kickin SHJ merch delivered straight to you! Dig that! Go to http://www.springheeledjack.com/Merch/Merch.asp and you'll see!

For those of you interested in buying SHJ music via the site, you can (and always have been able to) do that as well! This is done through CDNow. There is a link on the Web Site, and if you follow that, we can keep track of what is sold who's buyin it! If you don't feel like going to the site, just copy this ENTIRE address into your browser: http://www.cdnow.com/cgi-bin/mserver/redirect/leaf=switch/from=sr-1274423/target=buyweb_products/ArtistID=FRN-SPRING+HEELED+JACK+U.S.A.

Society Gone Madd!

You can now order merchandise from us (Society Gone Madd!/VIAble UTTerance records) directly from our web page with a credit card! It is a secure site! Check it out at http://home.earthlink.net/~societygone/catalog.html
We also have some new import stuff available there, some Swedish comps. We are going thru GEMM who has loads of good stuff, check out their page at http://www.gemm.com I normally don't do that but I was really impressed with it. It has loads of good stuff, type in what you're looking for and more than likely you'll find it. "The cheapest and hardest-to-find CD's and LP's in existence."
Thanx - later,


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