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Rats In The Hallway Webzine is a webzine dedicated to covering local, independent, & underground bands from as many places as we can, as well as signed & national acts (after all, they still need fans & support too). We also try to include many styles of music. Of course, as we are geographically certain places, and we do have our favorite genres, so they might be more prevalent in the 'zine.

We are attempting to make this a more personal and accessible site, which is why we are encouraging more reader participation. Sometimes people have interesting moments in their lives, things they feel strongly about, just thoughts in general - and other people enjoy reading them, or learning from them, so send your stories in, and let us know what you think.

If you'd like to see more of your city/band/favorites, write and tell us (and the world!) about it. Submissions and new bands are always welcome.

What would you like to read?

general information - this information page
reviews - demo, live show, movie, and video game reviews
all music - unsigned band links, label links, latest news from bands, signed band links
let's talk - interviews, rants, advice column, dream interpretation
interact! - answer polls, send your opinions, post your story to different topics
cities - music scene links, local links, problems and solutions with communities
staff - staff profiles, recommendations, commentary, info on joining us
what's new - what's new on the site

Again, fan participation is very cool, so if you have works in any of the above categories
(or stuff for a new category), send it in!
We're also interested in working with more bands. Send us your url, tell us where you're
playing, we'll definitely check out the site, and try to come see you!
Anyone wishing to link us up, it's most appreciated.

Send your submissions via e-mail to us at: ratzine@yahoo.com

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