at the University at Buffalo's Fallfest
September 5, 1998, Amherst, NY

by jennie

I've been wanting to see Goldfinger for a couple years now, so when Darrin said they'd be playing at UB, I had to be there!!
We got there just at 8 and were walking towards the stage as they were playing "I Need To Know." The crowd was screaming, some were dancing. John was looking and sounding good!
We made our way through the crowd, getting as close as we could - off to the right side of the stage (Simon's side), not terribly close, but not far back. We could see fine, though: Charlie jumping all over the stage (is that boy ever muscular), Darrin's drums looking like they were gonna fall over while he was pounding on them.
It was a high-energy, awesome sounding set. It was loud, but not distorted. The vocals were smooth and intelligable, and they played a good mix of stuff, including hits "Here In Your Bedroom," "Mable," and "Superman", as well as other tunes like "Chris Cayton," "My Girlfriend's Shower Sucks," "Question," and "S.M.P."

Singer John switched spots with Western New York's own Darrin Pfeiffer, who came out to sing a mocking rendition of Buffalo's other hit export, the Goo Goo Dolls's "Iris". Darrin then got the crowd going and climbed all over the stage, yelling out some of Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping." It was entertaining, but I think he's a better drummer than singer ;).

Since this was a festival, there were two other totally non-related bands playing, those being the sugarhill gang, and busta rhymes. Needless to say, this is why we got there at just 8 o'clock. But it also unfortunately meant a lot of kids were there just to see band X or band Z, and not all for the good band (that being Goldfinger of course!).

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